Understanding your Target Audience

Before you can create material your audience will be interested in, you must know who comprises that audience. To do this, you must dig deeper than your preliminary assumptions regarding people who want to buy your products and services. This is accomplished in two ways:

  • Conversations with existing customers
  • Consumer market research

Find out from existing customers/followers/fans what it is that attracted them to your business rather than a similar one out there. Learn what their pain points are, and the things they’d like to receive from businesses within your field. As you engage with them this way, you will identify common patterns in the backgrounds and behavioral motivations of your audience.

Categorize people with similar traits as your personas. The personas will help you determine ‘why’ customers behave a certain way. Use information collected on customer pain points and backgrounds to build persona biographies, which will bring your ideal consumer to life. Create flows through which each persona can interact with your site.

Creating content that has an impact

Content today takes a variety of forms; it’s no longer about the text. You can use videos and images to attract the customers’ attention, two content formats that are extremely compelling in today’s digital world. The brain is wired to interpret visuals, and can understand images up to 60,000 times faster than textual content.

Including images of real people/customers in the business can be great assets in drawing potential customers to build relationships with your brand. The customers relate to the people in the image, viewing themselves as the customer.

Video content is also becoming increasingly important as a digital content marketing technique. A research by Forbes has shown that over 50% of senior executives prefer to watch a video than read text where both options are available.

Videos amplify the benefits and upsides of images to customers – rather than just seeing past customer, they get to hear them speak, which deepens their connection and understanding of the brand. To know more visit Choc Chip Digital.


Once you have created your content, you may optimize your content. Every year, Google makes around 500 tweaks to its algorithm; you cannot keep up with that if you tried. Rather than looking for the latest SEO trick, provide the one thing both users and search engines want: relevance.

Cut through the extra flesh and provide content that the intended persona would find both useful and engaging. Look beyond the basic keywords to answer intent – searchers no longer use a word or two to find something they need. Majority of queries today are raise in form of questions and long phrases. Be sure that your content addresses a specific question or topic within your niche.

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