BCYP   (Blue Calypso Inc)


About Blue Calypso:


Blue Calypso, Inc. engages in the development, licensing, and enforcement of technology and intellectual property focused on digital word-of-mouth marketing and advertising. Its intellectual property portfolio consists of 5 US patents and 11 pending patent applications that cover methods and systems for communicating and syndicating electronic offers and advertisements. The company enables retailers to harness the power and adoption that mobile devices bring to the consumer shopping experience; connect brands with store visitors; leverages their brand affinity across the social media channels; and tracks performance, monitors engagement, manages attribution, and delivers real-time analytics on client’s promotions and location-based content. Its products and services include KIOSENTRIX, which provides manufacturers and brick-and-mortar retailers a way of engaging with store visitors when they are on the path-to-purchase; and Blue Calypso Labs that offer outsourced consulting and customized software development services to clients. Blue Calypso, Inc. was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Richardson, Texas.

BCYP (Blue Calypso Inc) creates and conveys mobile advertising and analytical arrangements. It has a cloud-based program named KIOSentrix which gives retailers and manufacturers with a customized method to deal and engage with their clients from inquiries to purchase by using short messaging, Geo Fencing, Wi-Fi, QR codes, iBeacons and others. The organization likewise provides outsourced counseling and personalized program designed to advance the administration or services which are high in market demand nowadays.  According to NASDAQ and wall-street.com, BCYP is an OTCBB-listed company that was established last 2007 by Bradley Bauer and Andrew Levi.

BCYP Stock Market Profile


BCYP is creating an impressive stock gains earlier this year on trading volume since it recorded a low $ 0.96 value.  It has been in a constant plunge for a little less than one year.  The increase on the trading volume can be attributed to the Court of Appeals that ruled on their favor last December of 2015.

Last May 16, 2016, BCYP reported their operating result and their financial gains during the first quarter of the year 2016.  According to the report, the revenues have posted a massive increase of 128% that amounts to $263,000 against the $116,000 of revenues posted last 2015.  The increase is derived from the revenue generated from different projects.  But ever since that conference, the market has been harsh with BCYP.  It is as if that the 1st quarter stock gains and the high market demand has done nothing to improve the downward motion of the trading volume of BCYP.

The plunge on the market value can be attributed to the fact that the company is not doing well despite of the claims that the company has posted a significant increase in revenues during the first quarter of 2016.  But BCYP is not a hopeless case as NASDAQ said that it was able to get rid of its convertible debt.  Blue Calypso is doing everything they can in order to mitigate the effect of the damage.  The shares of BCYP have even expanded to more than a million in the recent two months.  It is just disheartening to see that a company that was exerting too much effort to control the damage is seeing little to no effect.  It seems that no amount of boosts can remove the company from its current condition.

BCYP is boasting with a 5 patent that is included in their intellectual property.  They are also awaiting a decision on their 8 patents application that can be used for electronic and communication offers on desktop and mobile services.  Based on wallstreet.com, the management team of this company is laudable; leading the pack would be Bill Ogle who is the CMO of Samsung and Motorolla.  The co-Founder of BCYP, Andrew Levi is already managing a restaurant at the age of 19 and has an experience in working with the Federal Reserve.  Hopefully, the future court ruling, as well as the great management, will produce favorable stock gains, revenues and increase the company’s trading volume.