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Investors Should Prepare for a Selloff in the Financial Sector

Stocks in the financial sector have increased by 17% since Trump’s victory Donald Trump will take the oath of office on January 20 and he’ll officially begin the work of leading U.S. policies for the next four years. Trump surprised pundits, critics, and observers to win the U.S. presidential elections against all odds. More surprising is that most of the gloomy forecasts that analysts predicted in the event of a Trump presidency didn’t materialize. The U.S. market didn’t crash; rather, major market indexes have gone on to record new highs. Many analysts have predicted that Trump’s presidency will usher...

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Attunity: Effective Solutions for Managing Big Data

Attunity, Ltd. (ATTU) NASDAQ.   With more data being collected nowadays by businesses, the storage, analysis and proper management of all this data are crucial to business success. The main objective of managing big data is to guarantee high levels of data quality and analytics for better business intelligence. Attunity helps corporations and government agencies to deal with the fast-rising pools of big data. With Attunity software, your company can accelerate its analytics initiatives through managing data effectively both on site as well as in the cloud. Conquer Data Challenges   The software solutions designed by Attunity are...

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Tech Firm Giants Reacted To the Alleged CIA Dump

What do Tech Companies say about CIA Spying   Different tech firm giants have given their reaction regarding the allegation that their products have been compromised.  Accounts pertaining to the CIA’s hacking tool can be seen on the considerable amount of documents published at Wikileaks.   The spy agency is being accused of successfully developing methodologies to listen on Smart TV and Smartphone.  As of late, the pages have now surpassed the number of documents related to Snowden. Tech Giants React to CIA’s Spying Secret The statement of Apple contains the most comprehensive detail about the alleged infiltration of the...

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Highly Anticipated IPO This 2017

The top IPOs are all on the Internet   After a gloomy year for IPO, most investors are quire eager to know the highly valued IPO that is hitting the market this year.  However, with certain uncertainties affecting the industry such as the current changes that is happening in the political system and the considerable number of companies that fear the smaller valuation at the stock market, the influx that we are anticipating in the market can be gradual.  But experts believe that this year will perform a lot better compared to the previous years.  This is because of...

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Now You Can Book a House Painter or a Handyman from Your Facebook’s Messenger App

Booking Services from Facebook Messenger   One of the most widely used social media platform is Facebook with millions and millions of active users. It’s a great platform for connecting people, marketing products and services and keeping up to date with the current events. One of the best innovations connected to the platform is the introduction of a marketplace. This marketplace makes it possible for you to book a handyman or a house painter through Facebook’s Messenger app.   Convenient in Scheduling Appointments with the Messenger App Imagine being able to get an instant quote and being able to...

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Solar Shingles for Home Roofs by Tesla – The Future of Home Solar Panels

Tesla’s Home Solar Powered Technology   As a result of the Solar City and Tesla Motors merger, a lot of people are speculating about solar shingles for home roofs by Tesla. The company has already made public its plans for the implementation of total clean energy by pairing its electric vehicle with solar panels. And in October of 2016, the company has launched its new roofing product. And it signaled one thing, and that is building integrated photovoltaic systems will be part of Tesla Energy’s future.   What is Building Integrated Photovoltaic? Building integrated photovoltaic, or BIPV has been...

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Confirming the Cabinet Nominees of Donald Trump’s Government

Donald Trump’s Presidential Cabinet Members   The Cabinet for Donald trump is yet to take shape as the confirmation hearings will be continuing in this week. While some have already been appointed and two cabinet nominees were last week confirmed, others are yet to know where they stand. The two were confirmed a few hours after the 45th president of the States was sworn in.   Those Already Appointed in the Cabinet Reince Priebus has already been appointed as the White House Chief of Staff and will be leaving his job as the chairman of the Republican National Committee....

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The Best of and the Worst of Obama’s Presidency

The Good and The Bad of Former President Obama   No one thought that this day would come, but the truth is that it did. Donald Trump is officially the new President of the United States of America and Barrack Obama is already out of the White House. This is why it’s important to take a look at what these last 10 years did and didn’t accomplish during the presidency of Obama.   The Best Things that Came to Light   Obama care or the Affordable Care Act could easily classify as one of the best things that happened...

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How ISIS Terrorist Make and Spend Their Money

How Does ISIS Make Money?   ISIS, otherwise known as ISIL and if you choose to defy and risk getting your tongue cut out, Daesh, which is an Arabic word meaning “Stomp on”. They want to be known as the Islamic state within northern Iraq and northern Syria but are finding it hard to get people on board with their logic. Most of the Muslim population is utterly disgusted with their terror attacks and their characterization of Islam. If you are looking into the regime of ISIS, it almost seems like a western style government, albeit without democracy, but...

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How to Start a Career in Internet Marketing

The digital marketing platform is growing faster than the traditional methods used before. This makes it more effective for companies to advertise their products. Many marketers are making more money in the digital marketing platform and that has inspired many people to join. However, you need significant tips that will enable you to start your career in digital marketing smoothly. Gain writing skills A digital marketer must have good writing skills. Most of the websites are written in English. Your marketing content can only be effective if it makes sense to the targeted customers. The employers will also focus...

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Real Estate Forecast for 2017 on the Heels of a Strong 2016 Market

Real Estate Outlook 2017   Whenever the New Year is just around the corner, all kinds of financial forecasts start hitting the news and so it is with real estate. Every market analyst comes forward with what they feel the coming year will usher in, and the forecasts for 2017 are encouraging based on what 2016 has seen. The real estate market is especially strong this year, with many analysts finding that lower interest rates are a good part of the reason along with a stronger economy all the way around. With this in mind, let’s see what some...

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Best Car Manufacturers To Have Shares In

Investing in Automobile Manufacturers Stocks   If you’re considering investing in the car industry, then there are a few things that you are going to need to consider first. There are a few car manufacturers that have dominated the market, so it is always safe to go with them, however there are a few underdogs that you may want to consider investing in long-term in order to capitalize on your investment, as their popularity is beginning to grow. We’re taking a look at some of the best car manufacturers to have shares in, to help give you guidance on...

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US E-commerce Expected To Continue Growth Well Into The Future

Projected E-Commerce Growth The e-commerce sector has truly exploded over the past few years. More and more people have opted to shop online, while many new businesses have flooded the market. Companies, such as eBay and Amazon, have helped to transform the United States into one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the entire world. At this point, it may seem like the US e-commerce industry has hit the ceiling, but this isn’t the case. There is actually room to grow and analysts believe the e-commerce market within the country will continue to grow over the course of several...

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Effective Ways to Reduce Your Startup Costs

Reduce the Startup Costs for your Small Business   Are you a startup owner who has a limited budget? If so, there are many other entrepreneurs in the same position as you, who want to get more bang for their buck. Below are some the most effective ways you can reduce your startup costs. Choose Your Workplace Wisely Your workplace can become one of your biggest business expenses. Most startups can’t afford to buy a business premises, so they have to look for alternative locations to work from. To start with, it’s a good idea to work from home...

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Understanding how hedge funds work

Understanding Hedge Funds   To best understand a hedge fund, and how a hedge fund works, a good starting point comes with the term hedging. When someone hedges, they are looking to reduce the level of risk that they are exposed to, and this is true for this investment strategy. A hedge fund is aiming to provide a strong return on investment while reducing the level of risk involved for the investor. While an individual will provide funding for this investment, hedge funds are seen as collective investments, using money from a range of sources or investors. A key...

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Robots That Teach Each Other To Grasp Everyday Objects

Robotic Intelligence using The Cloud There is new breakthrough technology that is reshaping the robotic world in terms of robots that teach each other to grasp everyday objects and learn different environments. They are using the cloud to upload data that the robots are learning so other robots can gain the same information. Researchers are calling it the “Robo-Internet” and they feel it will reshape the robotic world as we know it today. Most robots are programmed to be able to do one job and allowing them the ability to learn from other robots will bring to them other...

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What Exactly is Neural Imprinting?

Does Neural Imprinting Really Exist?   Neural Imprinting sounds like a term that could be used in a science fiction novel, and has become a very popular forum topic and search term. There are many discussions about neural imprinting, which include many topics like the legitimacy and validity of its usage, along with if it could be an effective method for pain relief. If neural imprinting could be used for pain relief on a wide scale, there are discussions about how much wealth could be made from it. The short answer is neural imprinting does exist, and it has...

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WrapMail Email Advertising in Apple App Stores

WRAPMail, Inc. (OTC: WRAP) WRAPmail, Inc. (OTC : WRAP) ( is pleased to announce that WRAPmail 2.0 is now available to all iOS users at the Apple App Store. iOS users can now enjoy the full features and benefits of what we believe to be the most dynamic email enhancement app on the market today. The release for iOS adds to WRAPMail’s growing list of supported communication platforms, which already includes Android devices. All users can visit to download the product and for support.   About Wrap Mail WRAPmail Incorporated is a software development company which operates in the...

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Three Tech Industry I.P.O.s You Should Know About

Tech Industry I.P.Os 2017   Investing in stock was once just for the Wall Street elite. Now, we blue collar workers looking to buy into small priced stocks with a big upside potential have the tools to make wise investment decisions. Whether you are a retiree making trades off your yacht or a mechanic that builds his portfolio in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed, we all understand there is a single universal truth with respect to purchasing stock: the sooner you get in, the better. Below are three companies expected to offer I.P.O.s in the...

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Facebook is at the top of our list of best Social Media Apps. Check it out!

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