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Managing Your Personal Finances the Smart Way

As a working adult in today’s economy, you will realize that managing personal finances is essential for survival. The cost of living is at an all-time high, there is more to spend on and less ways to make it. If you are not careful, you may end up living from pay check to pay check or worse, in debt! Saving is an essential part of managing personal finances that most people often fail at leading to financial strain in case of emergencies. The following are some of the ways you can improve your personal finances and save more: Where...

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Medical Marijuana Could Be the Ultimate Drug of the 21st Century

Medical Marijuana Sometime in 2014, five year old Summer Handler who suffered from Dravet’s Syndrome received liquefied droplets of cannabis and this was the first time since she was two and a half months old to have lasted an entire day without a single seizure. Bear in mind that sometime back, summer was prescribed to take over 20 different types of pills a day and while they managed to control her seizures, these pills left her unable to do anything on her own because of the resulting side effects. Non-Psychoactive Marijuana However, a special form of marijuana that is...

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Gold and the Economy

Buying Gold As An Investment And Trading Gold   With the economic state we are currently in: even more unpredictable stock market returns, evaporating retirement nest eggs and the weakening of the dollar, it’s more difficult than ever to find a good long term investment. A lot of people only think of gold in terms of a piece of jewelry, but buying gold as an investment can be a very smart move. As with all types of investments, your overall success will be closely tied to how much time you’re willing to put in. To make the most out...

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Health and Fitness for Busy People

Living a Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Schedule   Most people want to be healthier, but they do not know how to do this or think that they do not have the time. The truth is that it does not have to take that long or need huge life changes to be healthy. Here are some science-backed tips health and fitness for busy people. 1. Smaller Bowls and Plates, but Taller Glasses   A study conducted by the University of Cambridge found that by using smaller dishes, you can eat up to 29% less calories per day. The reason...

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Social Trading the New Way to Trade Stocks

Social Trading – An Ultimate Tool For New Traders Social trading is a new, exciting, and a rewarding way to trade on financial markets. The way  you connect with your family and friends via Facebook, the traders from all around the world are also linked with huge social networks. That’s how new and inexperienced traders get to use the skills, strategies, ideas, and methods that are adopted by successful traders. Basically, it helps them to trade smart. Collective wisdom and larger  experience can take your trading capabilities to a whole another level. For example, Keystock Social trading platform or...

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The Revolution in Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift: A Revolution in Virtual Reality   A new front-runner has emerged in IPO New technologies; spotlights this new exciting technology from MIT Technology Review. Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier Virtual reality technology has revolutionized, challenging everything humanity knows about virtual worlds. Imagine being able to find yourself in a beautiful and magical land simply by putting on a pair of goggles. This may sound far-fetched or like something in a Sci-Fi movie, but it is months away from being a reality. Why Now? Though virtual reality goggles were invented almost three decades ago, they did not...

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Latest Technology Inventions 2017

New Technologies to Look Out for in 2017   More technology gurus keep on emerging everyday with the best tech devices and applications. The reason why people welcome technological inventions is because they simplify work, enhance safety and increase the efficiency of services in our everyday life. Although technological inventions have had their fair share of draw backs, it is evident that they are helping the world at a high level in almost every aspect. From communication industry, automobile industry to educational and research industry, there are a lot of inventions that people can benefit from. Below are some...

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Where now for Athene after their IPO?

Athene Proves to be a Hit with Wall Street Investors As 2016 draws to a close, one of the final major IPO’s of the fiscal year proved to be a hit with Wall Street investors. Athene, a financial services company whose primary focus revolves around providing, acquiring, and insuring retirement savings products, launched what became the third largest IPO of the year on Friday, December 9th. Company officials had expected Athene to be valued between $38 to $42 per share; much to their delight, and to those conducting trades on Hantec Markets and other platforms, investors on the New...

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Should your Small Business Invest in SEO?

SEO Benefits for Small Business   SEO has proven itself an effective marketing strategy for many companies. For many people however, SEO has remained a competitive marketing tool fit for the larger businesses with household brand identities. Can small businesses invest in SEO and reap significant income? If you had no clue, it might interest you knowing that SEO guarantees even better outcomes for small and medium size business. For any small business with plans of expanding its territories, investing in SEO is a worthy venture. Why would someone say so? It still works Just like in any other...

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What is Happening in The World of Technology

    Technology Inventions   The technology inventions markets have been enriched with a wide range of innovative advances in 2016. Many of these technological advances and inventions are bettering or will better our lives in the near distant future. Technology is expanding the way we treat certain diseases, how robots communicate, and how we grow our veggies. There is no end to the possibilities as long as you have the gift of imagination, an open mind, and a willingness to accept where technology could lead. Let us take a look at some of the latest technological advancements and...

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The  Winter wonderland of  US holiday destinations The land of the free is ubiquitous – everyone on the planet knows about the sights and sounds of the United States, even if they’ve never been. What’s more, there’s literally something for everyone, such is the scope of its cultural diversity. From the iconic sights of the Hollywood sign, the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate bridge to the jazz sounds and welcome atmosphere of New Orleans, there are 101 reasons to visit America – and even more places to visit! If you’re unsure of the process to apply to...

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4 Tips to Understanding SEO and Content Marketing: SEO Expert

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization   Conventional outlook and hype had it that SEO is a big idea whereas carefree marketing is a process. Far from it, these two are originally processes and strategies that are intertwined, blended one that they cannot be separated such from the disparate, and someday more, nothing precedes the other. To have a well known, the other am about to exist. These two must nevertheless not be confused to perform the same gift, inasmuch as they do not at all. Whereas accompany engine optimization is the style of enhancing a website’s visibility and...

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5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Website Developer

Important Factors when Choosing a Website Developer   One of the greatest tools that every small business owner should make use of is a website. However, buying a website can be very tricky because you don’t know which questions to ask to assess whether you have hired a reputable website design firm. What’s more, it can be a time-consuming and expensive nightmare if you choose the one that does not match your budget or purpose. Fortunately, this guide will help you get oriented on the top 5 things you need to consider when choosing a website developer for your...

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Marijuana… The Biggest Investment Opportunity of our Lifetime

Marijuana’s Prohibition Has Ended ! Who do you think is making huge money on the cash crop?  And if you think this money is going to stoners, former hippies, and low life’s think again. Look at Alan, last year he was a top executive at Google, celebrating his 30th birthday, and running a $100 million Asia-Pacific division that took him to 50 countries. Today, Alan is the CEO of Tokyo Smoke…A marijuana brand with a chain of luxury shops opening across North America. Each will offer upscale clientele the highest quality coffee, smoking accessories, and custom marijuana strains. Two...

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Tips for Saving on Car and Homeowner’s Insurance

The cost of homeowner’s and car insurance can be daunting, but there are ways to save on these important expenses. Here are some tips on reducing the cost of these policies. Two Policies, One Company Look for an insurance company that will cover both homeowner’s and car insurance. Many companies will give you a discount if you sign up for multiple policies with them. Make sure you ask about such a multi-policy discount; many companies may not mention it unless you ask. Discounts While you’re asking about the multi-policy discount, also ask about any other discounts. For example, your...

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Coin Collections is it Time to Cash In

Cashing in on your coin collection   When you start to collect one kind of item, it gets exciting once they all start to come together and there are more than just a few of them. At this point, you may be called an aficionado or connoisseur by others, as your collection starts to swell. The trouble is, should you ever get to the point where you feel like it could be time to cash in and sell your coin collection, how can you know when it is the best time to sell, and how to get the best...

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Got $1000 to Invest? Here’s How You Can Make More

How much do I need to invest to get started   If you’re new to investing you might not know where to invest your very first $1000. You might also find yourself wondering if that amount is even enough to begin with. It doesn’t matter if you have $500 or $5000 to invest – as long as you know where to invest along with a couple of smart investment practices, you can see your investments steadily multiplying. Here are some of the best investment solutions to invest that $1000 you’ve worked hard to save. Consider Lending to Earn Some...

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The difference between “Islam” and “Muslim”

Islam vs Muslim   One could not miss seeing the words “Islam” and “Muslim” in news titles almost every day as many happenings here and abroad are associated with those two words. But before the 7th century, both words were not even heard of. Most people today are aware of the meaning of the words Islam and Muslim. But for those who are still confused with them, here’s an explanation. The dictionary defines Islam as the religion of Muslims and Muslim as believers and followers of Islam. Islam is a noun and Muslim is both a noun and adjective....

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Benefits Of Small Business Insurance

There are Three Major  Benefits  of Small Business Insurance As a small business owner, insurance is probably one of the last things on your priority list. However, this is a big mistake and can end up costing you your business in the worst case scenario or eating up your profits in the best case scenario. There are many benefits to taking out small business insurance and you will find that the costs offset themselves quite quickly. 1. Liability:   Probably the most important benefit in taking out small business insurance is that you are covered for liability. Businesses make...

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CALPIAN (CLPI) GIVING HOPE TO INDIA’S  MILLIONS IN NEED OF A PAYMENT SYSTEM:   Calpian signs agreement to  provide Money-on-Mobile, a mobile payment solution for approximately 278,754 retail locations in India. “Mobile payments could improve the lives of India’s 354 million poor — most of whom have cellphones but no bank accounts, credit cards or debit cards — by lowering the cost of the domestic remittances on which so many families depend.” – Read More… By 2017, mobile money transfers in India could total $450 billion annually, some analysts estimate. The size of the opportunity has attracted the major...

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