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Best Social Media Apps for Desktop

5 Social Media Desktop Apps You Should Download   Social media apps allow users to easily maintain their online social presence and activities. They save users lots of time and effort because there’s no monitor everything manually. The best social media apps provide a wide range of solutions that help the user organize several accounts at the same time, and post content across various social media platforms at the same time. The features, user interface, and layouts differ from one social media app to another. One thing they have in common is that they get the job done when...

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5 Ways To Keep Your Job and Still See the World

   5 ways  How You Can Keep Your Job, and Travel the World You have probably heard of some people who quit their job in order to travel. They write their stories on newspapers, they are interviewed on television, and they talk about how successful they have been. Some of these stories are unrealistic. Some of them end up doing odd jobs in order to sustain their lives. No matter how unrealistic this might seem, your job should not stop you from seeing the best of destinations that you wish to.   Travel to Different Destinations Nearby You do...

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Social Media Websites That You Have Not Heard About

  Less Known Social Media Websites SoundCloud SoundCloud is one of those popular social media platforms where music lovers get to share both their music and other people’s music. But unfortunately, most people haven’t discovered this effective site as they still use YouTube for all their musical needs. Unlike YouTube, SoundCloud is designed specifically for audio music, meaning that it comes with more functions including reposting, commenting and replaying. Pausing and playing is instantaneous and it is very easy to find your way around it. There is also a wide variety of music available in here which includes unofficial...

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5 Most Interesting Facts Ever

The  Most  Interesting Facts    There are facts that cannot appear true before the eyes and ears of people, but they are perfectly true and real. Researchers, observant, truth finders and nature analyzers find new facts every day, and although most of them are common, some are mind blowing and amazing especially if you don’t have a tendency of reading these facts regularly. Below are some of the five facts that you won’t believe yet they are true.    Breathe Through Our Nostrils,  Inhale More Air in One Nostril  This Will Change after Every 15 minutes.   This is...

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Amazon Delivery – Futuristic Plans

Octocopter R&D project   Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO announced pretty surprising news to correspondent Charlie Rose. They spent at least 60 minutes talking about different projects, after which Jeff took Rose into a mystery room at the headquarters of Amazon. It turned out to be the room keeping the secrets of the so-called Octocopter R&D project. These are drones which are designated to fly packages directly in front of your doorstep. And, the shocking announcement – this will happen in about 30 minutes. Of course, this is an audacious plan, and it’s going to require a lot more safety...

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High Cable Costs Are Blowing Up !

Cable Providers Beware of These Cable Cutting Gadgets The way we watch television today has dramatically changed from just a few years ago. It is no longer required to be tethered to the cable cord with several different streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu that could potentially save you thousands in the long run. Cable bills generally come in at a staggering two hundred dollars per month, but most streaming services have memberships as low as six dollars per month. Several new streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Fire TV, and Sling TV there are no...

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The Impact of Cyber Attacks on the Banking Industry

  PayPal  Twitter  and Spotify  Among the Targeted Companies   There have been increasing numbers of cyber attacks reported in recent years across all industries and it is costing the United States an absolute fortune in cyber security. Obama announced that $19 billion  was to be dedicated to the ongoing fight against cyber criminals, highlighting the gravity of the threat it now poses to businesses and even households. In 2016 there were widely reported attacks on PayPal, Twitter and Spotify to name a just a few of the big companies that have been targeted. The number of cyber attacks...

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Record Rise in Online Gambling in China

The World Of Online Gambling   For Mr. Li, the penalty kick taken by Cristiano Ronaldo in the Euro 2016 groups match between Austria and Portugal was a huge moment. He could barely watch is since he has placed a bet on Portugal to win. Ronaldo hit the post and the game ended in a draw, leaving Li frustrated for losing his money. He had placed his bet using the WeChat app by Tencent Holdings Ltd. This is a good example of the rising interest in the world soccer, and this has also increased the cases of illegal online...

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SKYPE Alternatives and What You Should Know

8 Alternatives to Skype That Are Truly Worth It   Skype could be a good idea if you are completely out of sync with modern technologies, but could it be trusted for your private business communication? There are at least 8 alternatives that are a better idea. Ring Central This is a voice-focused alternative to the popular app which is going to bring a significantly professional edge to the VoIP of business. The app places a significant emphasis on security and also on the ease of use. It’s centered towards voice calling, conference calling, and texting.   8×8 This...

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Things You Should Know About Buying a Franchise

5 Things That You Should Not Ignore When Selecting the Right Franchise   There are thousands of franchise systems today to a point that business owners are confused on which one to buy. The basic factors to consider should include; cost, lifestyle, and skill set although you may consider other things. Despite all these, there are things that you should never ignore no matter the industry. Consider What Motivates You We all have different things that motivate us, and you may want to buy a franchise in order to have a more comfortable life. There are franchises that will...

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Using the Science of Bodybuilding to Bulk Up

Many Unproven Myths About Beefing Up Muscles   If you are looking for the most effective way to bulk up your body muscles, then it is time you discarded the old bodybuilding advice and started using tried and proven scientific methods of bodybuilding. There are many unproven myths about beefing up muscles, the biggest one being the belief that you need to lift as much weight as you can in every training session to become Mr. Universe. How much weight do you need to lift to bulk up? According to a study done at Canada’s McMaster University in Hamilton,...

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Educational Routes to get into the Financial Sector

 A Career in the Financial Sector   When it comes to developing a career in the financial sector, it is commonplace to see employers looking for university graduates. University graduates with a finance-related degree are of particular interest. The fact that a new recruit has a grounding in the area of work that they will be placed into is of benefit, but many firms are looking to find people who hold a university degree. This is because it signifies that they can complete tasks, they can work to deadlines, and they can handle the pressure of exams. Many Courses...

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Snapchat’s Ultimate Goal

Where is Snapchat heading?   The truth is that it could get rather hard to get a good handle on Snapchat sometimes. This isn’t just because of its very user-hostile design. It’s also due to the fact that it’s a slippery target which keeps on changing particularly quick – the app that you thought you knew a few months or a year ago isn’t the same as the one that you are using tomorrow and that’s a fact. However, the thing that’s definitely clear is the overall goal of the changes as well as the additions which are made....

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The Worsening Case of the College Debt Crisis

College Debt Continues to Rise in 2017   When we are tackling the issues of the college debt crisis, we are only talking about the rapid increase in terms of outstanding debt.  However, this does not really tell us about the effect of the debt to college students who need to take a loan to support their college education.  The numbers are increasing since the government failed to take the increasing cost of the college education into account. The burden of shouldering the cost of college education has mostly shifted to the families.  Though there has been an increase...

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Executive Orders Pushing The Dow Jones To All-Time Record Highs In 2017

How Trumps Executive Orders Effect the Economy With the newly elected President Donald Trump just taking office this week, we are already starting to see the impact that he is having on the economy. So far, things seem to be heading in the right direction, and they are expected to continue to trend that way for the foreseeable future. The S&P 500 Jumps To A Record High This past Tuesday, we have already seen the S&P 500 jump to a record high. This is in part due to the executive orders signed by Trump earlier this week. The S&P...

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How digital marketing can grow your business

Consider a Digital Marketing Strategy   Digital marketing is an essential element of any modern business. The fact is that even if your company doesn’t do business online, your potential clients and customers do. Whatever sector you are engaged in, you need to reach out to them to let them know that you exist and why they should consider engaging your services. Building a digital marketing strategy needn’t be expensive, and you don’t need to have a full-time digital marketing department. What is essential is working out a strategy that is right for your business, and implementing it. This...

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How Gold Has Outperformed Stocks In The Last Few Decades

Gold vs. Stocks Investment Gold has been considered a safe investment for years. For that reason people have been buying gold for decades; it’s considered one of the best storehouses of value. When the ‘investment craze’ hit the market, stocks were most investors’ first preferred option. This has more to do with the fact that the stock market back then was something new and investors were interested in knowing more about its capabilities. However, over the years they realized gold is a better and safer investment option with higher potential. Physical gold and stocks have been pitched against each...

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NamesCon 2017 –Domain Names Buyers and Sellers From Around the World

NamesCon 2017   People from the Domain Name industry will be converging in Las Vegas for NamesCon 2017 from January 22 to 25. The conference will tackle all things with regards to online branding, IP protection, domain selling and buying, domain monetization, digital marketing, and internet naming. NamesCon is a yearly event for companies and individuals belonging to the Domain Name industry, especially registrars and registries. The first one was held in 2014 at the Tropicana Hotel and Convention Center. And now on its fourth year, NamesCon 2017 will also be held at the same venue. Goal of NamesCon...

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Space Seems More Accessible Than Ever with SpaceX Dragon Version 2

SpaceX Dragon V2   Spacecraft technology has made a huge leap forward, with the unveiling of SpaceX Dragon Version 2. This is a state-of-the-art manned spacecraft, aiming at making space travels more accessible than ever before. Flying to and from the Earth orbit seemed difficult in the past, but with this brand new spacecraft, it will be more of routine. The spacecraft can refuel at any time, landing anywhere in a convenient propulsive way that makes the launch even easier. Imagine how revolutionary SpaceX Dragon Version 2 is, enabling the flights to and from Earth and facilitating the work...

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Blockchain databases and what they mean for you

What Are Blockchain Databases?   Blockchain databases represent the latest technology to fire the collective imaginations in Silicon Valley and tech hubs around the world. They allow a distributed network of database users to create updates in real time – all without the need for a centralized administrator. Although the original Blockchain rose to prominence as the technology that made Bitcoin possible, it’s now taking off amongst more conventional financial users, such as banks. But how do they work? Standard databases, such as those built on top of the popular MySQL technology, are protected from both reading and writing...

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