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The Fall of the Great British Pound

Will We See the Great British Pound Currency Fall?   Ever since the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), GBP has had a hard time living up to its name. Currently, the pound is languishing at $1.22 and shows little sign of recovering some of the huge losses it has incurred since the Brexit vote, in fact it is still recording new lows. So, what are the reasons behind the pounds continued poor performance, are we likely to see it recover or has it been permanently devalued by proxy? To establish some context, it is important to...

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The Top Stories of 2016 by has published many articles featuring Breaking News, Public Companies, Technology News, Political News, Financial Market information and much more. Here are some of our most successful articles of the year. Stay tuned for more great content in 2017!   Marijuana… The Biggest Investment Opportunity of our Lifetime Marijuana… The Biggest Investment Opportunity of our Lifetime   Apple Campus The Space Ship Headquarters Apple Campus The Space Ship Headquarters How Beginners Prepare for Stock Market Trading How Beginners Prepare for Stock Market Trading 2016 Rio Olympics: Behind the Glitz and Glamour 2016 Rio...

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Telecommunication Tech Stocks Under $5

    Telecommunication Systems Inc. – Tech Company  Stocks for Less Than $5 per share As the tech industry continues to grow at a super-fast pace, need of computer systems, related devices and network rises as well. The tech company we’re going to review Telecommunication Systems in this article. The company not just took benefits from the growing trend in the tech sector but also offers much cheaper prices and retains a big growing potential in the market. If you’re looking for small market capitalization in the tech industry, consider the Telecommunication Systems Inc.  If we have to pick...

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Tungsten Versus Gold and Silver- Perfect Wedding Band Material

Tungsten and Titanium Wedding Rings   Wedding rings come in a whole lot of sizes, colors and designs nowadays. There are all sorts of rings to select from. As a matter of fact, if you are one of those people who always have a hard time making decisions, then you are bound to have an extra difficult time when it comes to buying a wedding ring. There are so many options to choose from and they are all lovely. One that really stands out nowadays is the tungsten wedding ring. Tungsten is one of the best materials to use...

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Best Mining Companies in Canada

Most Active Mining Companies in Canada There are a lot of natural resources to be mined in Canada. The country is home to some of the world’s biggest mining companies. As it turns out gold, silver and platinum are not the only natural resources that Canada has to offer. The largest mining company in the nation does not mine for the expected, but for other resources badly needed for animal and plant growth. The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Inc. has dominated the Canadian mining market with $30 billion as of last year. They are well known for producing feed,...

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The importance of enterprise architecture and strategy

How does your business manage change? Many companies are brilliant at developing strategies but repeatedly see them come to nothing because they can’t cope with the multiple changes necessary to see them through. When business structures need to change at the same time as new technology is being implemented and information processing is changing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Enterprise architecture and strategy (EA) is designed to address this problem. EA is structured around four goals: effectiveness, efficiency, agility, and durability. Rather than focusing on the process of developing strategy, it focuses on delivery. It uses principles and practices...

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XPLORE Technologies Corp. NASDAQ XPLR

Xplore Technologies Corp. NASDAQ  XPLR   The Best new technology for rugged Tablets.  Xplore has been a leading global provider of truly rugged tablets since 1998. Xplore tablets are among the most powerful and longest lasting in their class, withstand nearly any hazardous condition or environmental extreme, and feature competitive pricing and significant ROI. The company’s products are sold on a global basis, with channel partners in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. Xplore Technologies’ tablets are deployed across a variety of industries and sectors, such as energy, military operations, manufacturing, distribution, public services, public safety, government,...

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Vuzix Corp. ramps up smart glass, video headphone production

Vuzix Corp. (Nasdaq: VUZI)   Production and sale of virtual reality headsets have reached the multi-million mark this year and new models of these head mounted displays for gaming and entertainment launching soon are stoking Juniper Research’s forecasts that shipments will hit 30 million by 2020. More so for industrial use smart glasses with 10 million shipments this year and one billion units by 2020 predicted by AugmentedReality.Org. Digi-Capital estimates the global market for both wearable computers to be worth $120 billion by 2020. Digital eyewear and headset  maker Vuzix Corp. (Nasdaq: VUZI) is powering the augmented reality/virtual reality...

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Blue Calypso Creates Mobile Advertising

BCYP   (Blue Calypso Inc)   About Blue Calypso:   Blue Calypso, Inc. engages in the development, licensing, and enforcement of technology and intellectual property focused on digital word-of-mouth marketing and advertising. Its intellectual property portfolio consists of 5 US patents and 11 pending patent applications that cover methods and systems for communicating and syndicating electronic offers and advertisements. The company enables retailers to harness the power and adoption that mobile devices bring to the consumer shopping experience; connect brands with store visitors; leverages their brand affinity across the social media channels; and tracks performance, monitors engagement, manages attribution,...

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US Markets Are Soaring, But Will The Rally Last?

US Markets Are Soaring, But Will The Rally Last?   If you’ve been keeping up with the stock market for a month or so, you’ll like that the markets have been incredibly volatile. Some days, investors cannot catch a break. Other days, things look like they’re finally going to turn around for the better. The market just fell into the latter category once more, but many investors are still eerie about investing their money in the market. Should investors place their money in the markets at this point in time? Several big happenings will completely change the landscape of...

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